• First United Methodist Church, Panama City
    • Cost $35
    • Winter: January 11 - March 10
  • Surfside Middle School, Panama City Beach
    • Cost $35
    • Winter: January 10 - March 3
  • Boys and Girls Grades 3 - 8
    • Cost $35
    • Practice once a week
    • Compete once a week
  • Become a 4-D volleyball player:

    Discipline, Desire, Dedication, Determination

    Register online: Registration Form
  • Discipline: As a volleyball player, your child will receive discipline from the coaches as well as learn what it means to be a self- disciplined.  Using positive reinforcement, your child will gain confidence when she steps out on the volleyball court.  As Christians, we are disciples of Christ.  More than volleyball skills, we want every girl to learn more about Jesus and how to be a disciple in everyday life. 

  • Dedication: The teams will be limited to 8 to 9 players, so it is very important for everyone to commit to being at every practice and at every game.  Each player will learn what it means to dedicate and commit time and energy to something important.  Teamwork is taught and encouraged at practices and games to show the importance of dedication to each other.  We are here to help encourage your child in dedicating her life to Christ.

  • Desire:  God gives each one of us a desire in our hearts.  As we play volleyball for Christ, we fulfill that God-given desire.  Volleyball is meant to be a fun game, so we want each girl to leave practices and games with a smile and desire to keep playing the game. 

  • Determination: Skills are taught using technically correct methods for peak performance and safety.  Your child may struggle with some of the techniques taught at practice.  Please encourage her to keep trying.  V4C would like for your child to be determined to reach any goal that is set before her no matter the difficulty.
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